Sunday, August 16, 2015

LED Lantern & SAK knot work...

I'm still gradually using up the spool of orange tether cord that County Comm sent me a couple of years back, sparingly, choosing occasional projects to use it on, like this 7 lead 6 bight doubled Turk's head knot, tied around the switch/battery cap of a UCO Clarus LED collapsible lantern/flashlight.
I thought I'd use some gutted orange paracord for the knot work at first, but the small size of the cap didn't really have enough room, so the 3/32" tether cord worked out alright, with the bights just barely coming up over the edge of the cap, but still letting the lantern collapse down for flashlight mode.


A simple paracord wrist loop with extended two-strand Matthew Walker knot, is ring hitched onto the Victorinox Waiter Swiss Army Knife (SAK), with a gaucho knot over a wooden lanyard bead (1.4mm cord). 


I bought a few of the used TSA confiscated Swiss Army Knives last year, to add a bit of knot work to each and give them to my pa to hand out to some of the volunteers at the church food pantry/homeless ministry that may not have an edc pocket knife.


A friend sent me a knot book that's been on my wish list for a long time, 'Introduction to Turk's-Head Knots' by Tom Hall, and a couple of paracord lanyards that he tied for me.  Thanks, Gary!

And after posting the pic of the book Gary sent me, the JigProShop sent me 'Turk's-Head Workbook' by Tom Hall, a companion book to the first volume.  Thanks, Russell! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vertical Crown Knot Cross

William "Mr Bill" Johnson recently uploaded a video tutorial to YouTube showing how to tie a paracord cross using the 'Vertical Crown Knot'.

He provides good instruction that's easy to follow on tying a cross with this method.  I gave it a try with some 1.4mm cord, to make the smaller version shown, trimming the ends and melting them in place with my wood burning tool to finish.  This one is for my pa to put on an edc keyring or wear with his dog tags.

Although not necessary, I may add a light coat of brush on krazy glue to stiffen the cross up a bit, as it is flexible as tied.

With the thinner diameter cord, I probably only used two feet or so in the finished cross, with just a short attachment loop instead of necklace length.  I'd started with four 18" strands which was overkill, so the leftover strands will get tied into some simple zipper pulls to give away...

Monday, August 03, 2015

Nitecore Tube LED Flashlight Wrap

I added a gaucho knot to my Nitecore Tube LED keychain micro usb rechargeable flashlight, using some Atwood Rope Micro Cord.  The knot started as a 5 lead 4 bight Turk's head, expanded to a 7 lead 6 bight knot, then the gaucho pattern was worked in.

It's a firm round version of their 1.18mm micro cord, instead of the usual flat soft version they most likely will send out if someone's looking for the same I used here.

Atwood has different manufacturing plants and evidently, I'm guessing, one produced this version instead of what all the other colors/camo choices that the 1.18mm micro cords look and feel like, which is unfortunate because I like this one better, except for it being a bit 'shiny'.   

This is a smaller version of the 1/16" Atwood utility cord that ended up being used with the VENOM mochi by Stormdrane, limited editions of the Mochibrand mochibags drawstring backpacks.

The cord I bought came directly from Atwood, so don't expect to get this particular version of the micro cord if you order from them.  From experience, they'll just say they don't know what you're talking about, even if comparison photos of the cord on the spools are sent to them, showing the same labels but slightly different cord, lol.

The Tube makes for a nice edc (everyday carry) keychain light, running up to 48 hours on low, or one hour on high, and you can use the variable adjust for something in-between with the light output as needed.  

For some reason Nitecore doesn't provide a micro usb charging cable(charge from your computer), so you have to obtain your own (lots of cell phones use 'em), or get one bundled with the light like some are offered on amazon. ;)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer sheath & lanyard projects...

A friend gifted me a few knives at the Blade Show last month (Thanks again, Paul!).

There's an Old Hickory knife that he'd made a kydex sheath for as well as doing a some additional work on the blade and handle, a neat little flick/auto Boker Magnum pocket knife, and a fixed blade Landi with a Tek Lok and magnet on the kydex sheath for added blade retention.
I tied a long two-bight Turk's head knot (11 lead 2 bight tripled) with black paracord around the kydex sheath, then worked in some tan/black combo (Knights?) inside and around that knot before tightening it all up.

I didn't keep track of exactly how much cord I used, but guess around 15 feet or so of the black and a little less of the combo color, so maybe 25 feet which could come in handy in a zombie apocalypse survival situation should I need to untie it and replace a broken bootlace/shoestring, or tie something else up or down.

I left off adding a loop of paracord to the wrap for belt carry, but could go back later and add that, or maybe just use a small carabiner hooked through one of the bights, and tuck the sheath under a belt and then clip the carabiner to a belt loop...

For the Boker, I added some glow-in-the-dark paracord tied with an extended two-strand Matthew Walker knot, and a gutted crimson paracord gaucho knot tied over a wooden bead.

Paul tied the foilage green paracord handle wrap on the Landi, figure eight style with a loop and lanyard/diamond knot finish, and it's nice and tight, so I've left it just as it is.  I might could work in some center stitching with 0.9mm sized cord into the pattern...

And a pic of the Old Hickory knife in the kydex sheath before I added the paracord wrap.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A few recent projects...

Schmuckatelli Co. sent me some of their new Mini Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Beads, in pewter and black oxide finishes, and I've used them with a few recent projects.  I worked them in with a paracord wrist lanyard, neck lanyard, and boonie hat band tassles finished with blimp knots.

Shown with the alternating lanyard/diamond knot paracord neck lanyard is a cool new Victorinox Yeoman MS Swiss Army Knife, that SwissBianco gave me while I was hanging out at his booth during the Blade Show last month.

Just two strands of paracord were used for the neck lanyard, starting with around a six foot length of the camo and about four feet of black.  From the center of the camo I measured down to the snap hook for the finished length I wanted, wrapping both ends around the swivel end of the hook, and also centered the black strand around the swivel.  
Then I tied a lanyard knot with the black paracord around the other strands, the two camo working ends and the neck loop, and tightened up the knot.  Next I tied another lanyard knot, this time around the neck loop strands and the two black paracord strands, then tightened that knot up, and continued the alternating tying of those knot until I have four black and three camo.  

After that I added the mini lanyard beads to the four working end strands, trimmed the ends off at the length I wanted them, then melted the cord ends of each with my lighter (Z-plus insert in a Zippo body) and pressed the melted end against the side of my lighter to flatten the end out where it would be too large to pull back through the bead, making it secure.  I also decided to add a safety break-away clasp to the neck loop, so cut that loop at the center to add those parts.

A few other projects were made with the medium and large setting knitting spools that the Jig Pro Shop sent me to try out, using different types and sizes of cord.  I rarely use more than two or three pins for the lanyards I make, but it's nice to have the options to use more with the Jig Pro Shop spools. 

Spool knitting some cord then adding to a boonie hat (lots of different potential ways to work it around the branch loops of the hat) is a good way to carry some spare cord for edc, survival, or zombie apocalypse scenarios.

The Schmuckatelli Co. embroidered skull logo patch, shown worn on the cap in my current avatar photo, is available on their site. I also have a fish hook hat clip on the brim of my cap, worn for good luck, and there are also other styles made if you like to edc one.

I've been asked about the Amazon and Google Adsense links thoughout my blog, and as an Amazon/Google Adsense Associate and YouTube Partner, I get a small percentage of the sales made through those links, which helps pay the bills, so, "Thank You!" to all those that patronize the links and watch the videos.  It is mentioned in the Disclaimer/Disclosure text at the bottom of the blog page, but not everyone scrolls down that far.  ;)